Irony Overdrive: Climate Alarmists Hate Burning Coal But Love Burning Up Entire Forests

My own country, Austria, imports massive amounts of wood from the Balkans where entire forests and ecosystems are destroyed in order to be transformed into woodchips that will be fed into a highly subsidized woodchip burning heating system. People don’t even start to get the insanity of it all. Pristine forests are put to the ax, invaluable ecosystems disappear forever from the face of the earth just so that some Austrians can signal virtue and the government may say that they do what they can to combat Climate Change. As I have said so very often if we continue on this path it won’t matter if and how the Climate Changes as there won’t be much worth protecting anymore.

Now that climate alarmists have hijacked energy policy, insanity is generally the order of the day. Claiming that, one day soon, we’ll all be powered by sunshine and breezes is just the beginning.

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