Batteries Not Included: $Trillions Spent on Storage Won’t Save Intermittent Wind & Solar

I know loads of energy professionals that won’t get the difference between LPG and LNG. It sounds so similar so it surely is similar so what’s the fuss? In reality, LPG is closer to gasoline than to LNG in behavior. At least as many don’t understand the difference between MW and MWh. And its here where the RE folks play with us. They must get the difference as if someone twists the facts with such glee, he must know what he is doing here. To me, this is fraud. I mean the legal definition of fraud. A wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Those managers that uphold those frauds are guilty by association, and they should face a criminal court for doing so. However, it will take balls to do that in the current political climate. We need political climate change in order to deflate the RE bubble.

Chaotic intermittency means wind and solar cannot, and will never, replace coal, gas or nuclear. The fact that wind and solar output plummets whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in has been treated by RE zealots as (yet another) inconvenient truth, that just won’t go away.

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