The terrifying new climate change report has one silver lining

OK, let me translate all this into clear language for you. What the IPCC really says is “You people of the world are really messed up. You are looking into a lot of pain and suffering. But there is still one last chance to avoid this. Give us all your cash and dont question anything those anointed by us do and this horrible fate that awaits you might still be avoided. And yes, you must really be clean of heart and burn all those speaking against us on the stake.” Compelling message – aint it? We had those many times before. They were called fanatic religions. At the time of the inquisition the church promised paradise to those believers that shed all doubts. And persecuted those unbelievers with fire and sword. Not a time I want to live through. Do you?

You’ve seen the headlines: scary cries about an impending climate apocalypse that’s headed our way sooner than once thought. When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report last week, its somber message—this is our last chance to get real about the changing climate before it’s too late—caught the world’s attention.

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