Trump Didn’t Save Coal or Steel. To Be Fair, No One Could.

Wanna revive coal and steel in the US? Thats actually not so hard. First, create an environmental policy thats based on science only. Any make belief in it must go out. This would immediately nip any carbon levies or taxes in the bud. Then, take on the Compliance Industrial Complex – all those people that make a great living by endlessly litigating any project with the aim to extract money and not with the aim to make our world a better place. We need clear rules and processes and when those are met, there must be clear enforcement and consequences for those not respecting them. Thats the hardest part. And last but most importantly, create a list of all counties on Earth, determine their environmental and social policies, and give them a multiplication. A new to be created Border Adjustment tax for any imports would be applied multiplied with the index each country has. If a country meets or exceeds the standards of the US, the index is set to zero. Then, watch industries flock back.

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