US Energy’s Growing Role on the Global Stage

Just removing the US from the list of energy importers changes the world beyond recognition. The biggest military power on earth cannot be blackmailed by lack of access to energy anymore – if that’s no change, what is? But it goes further than this – in the past it was barrels, now its know how because all the world is running out of easy oil and even countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia have to look into shale. This means that oil and gas become ever more a technology game and those with the best expertise are driller from Uncle Sam. Low energy prices also mean that a lot of oil upgrading will relocate to the US leading to a technology boom there as well. And the US could also gasify its transport system which would be a win-win-win for them. Cleaner air, less money spent on importing oil and more money made from exporting the black liquid. And I am just getting started.

On April 21, Ukraine held its presidential election amid yearslong tensions with its neighbor, Russia. The result of the election has as much to do with the exercise of Ukraine’s independence as it does with Russia’s ever looming presence over Europe’s appetite for Russia’s oil and gas.

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