Victorious New Zealand PM Urged to Apply Covid-19 Lessons to the Climate Crisis

You can separate an island country at the end of the world for a while and call it crisis management – for a price. That’s significantly harder to do with a large, diverse, internationally connected economy with ties to pretty much any part of the world. But if New Zealand jumped onto sensible economic policies after such a stunt, that would merely be a footnote in its history. Sadly, it looks like this is not the way it may work out. New Zealand is a prosperous nation – so was Venezuela before it embarked on Socialism. Will the islands at the end of the world become a new Venezuela? I guess not as when voters feel the effect of their government’s decision, they will likely kick them to the curb. We have seen this play out more than once in other parts of the world. But the damage will be a drag to them for a long time. Sadly so. #NewZealand #COVID

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