Why and how NASA and NOAA manipulate climate data

We must force the alarmist fraction into a no-punches-pulled open debate and we can’t allow them to escape into the same victimization talk that has left them off the leash in the past. They are the ones that deny science, that are funded by vested interests that have anything but the good of the planet in their scopes, that fudge data to suit their dogma, and that kick, scream, hiss, steal and lie to further their scam. It’s time we took the gloves off. It will be a brutal fight as those folks fight very, very dirty but at this point, we have no more choice. This train has left the station. And while we are at it, it’s time to clean house. The hydrocarbon industry is in on the scheme hoping that the managers can save their bonuses while kicking the can down the alley. Those people don’t make prisoners. Time to rip off their masks.

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