Wind Turbine Battle

It’s a gold diggers mentality. And as in every Gold Rush, the diggers (the wind companies) are overstepping pretty much every boundary of law and common sense. They think that the RE goals of the government will erase any opposition so they can do as they please. They have morals on their side. We have seen those mechanisms work out quite many times in the past – those that thought they have morals on their side became the most immoral of all. And as sure as hell and high water, they produce the drivers of their own downfall. resentment builds. In the end, it will become extremely difficult to install any more windmills in any country, those that exist age and their maintenance cost will explode busting their business models. It’s all happening by itself – no further action needed. In Germany they use to say “Hochmut kommt vor den Fall” or “Arrogance breeds its own demise”.

“A few make huge profits at the expense of citizens and nature.” Documentary of the German television channel ARD – Das Erste

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