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LNG has a mystery reputation. This is undeserved. This blog is here to shed light on some of the issues. Many points are mere opinions. You are invited to discuss and disagree if you do so.

To those new to it, LNG must be a bedeviled business. As soon as someone just feels confident enough to claim he has finally “got it”, the market turns and everything falls apart. Or at least it seems so.

Few substances in the energy business inspire as much awe and cause open gaping mouths as LNG does.

Fact is that there is no secret in LNG. Contrary to what many experts want to make you believe – it’s not a Black Art. There are just a handful of fundamentals driving the entire business. But get just a few or even one of them wrong and you are ripe for disaster.

Let's get it on ...

Let’s get it on …

This blog is no encyclopedia. I assume that you are familiar with the terminology and the concepts. I will concentrate on some sensitive issues I have faced repeatedly. I am an LNG expert and a professional speaker at LNG conferences and events and no matter where I go or what I do, I always stumble upon variations of the same old questions.

Depending on whom you are and what your outlook is you might want to add some issues not covered. Give me a message. I am happy to show your article here.

I give you my view on things. It’s my logic. Insight gained from countless discussions with the foremost experts in the field. This is my experience from the negotiation table and the result of working on the frontline and it formed my thinking that I do my best to keep unobstructed by convention or policy.

This is a new blog so bear with me as I add pages and other content. You are invited to comment. I ask you here and now to be polite. We are professionals and everyone has an opinion. That’s more than fair but rudeness is unacceptable. I reserve the right to remove posts from offenders without notice.

What is polite? Well, if you would not want your mummy to know you said it, don’t.

This does not mean that we have to agree. Just as the little boy get’s ready for a fight. I look forward to sparring with you.

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