EU rules set to boost LNG in new trucks could apply in July

2025 – that’s right on us. You don’t agree? Well, I am running for LNG as a fuel in Europe for 8 years now and it just passed by like smoke going through a keyhole. There is not much time for planning because you just don’t buy LNG trucks and get going. Infrastructure needs to be set up, fleet managers need to get trained, drivers need to know the procedures, a ton of regulation needs adaption or sometimes be drafted from zero. Because who tells you it will stop there? Who tells you 30% is what they go for. So, wait and pray for hydrogen or battery trucks to be ready by then or do the one thing that works and is economical. Time for action.

EU rules setting binding limits on CO2 emissions from new heavy-duty trucks could enter into force in July, paving the way for LNG demand from such trucks to reach an estimated 1.1 million mt of oil equivalent by 2025.

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