In A Single Comic Strip, Dilbert Just Nuked Global Warming Hysteria

I am not exactly a Dilbert fan but this one nails the Climate Moralist dilemma. It’s their way or the highway – questions are not welcome. No matter how justified they may be. Questioning Climate Hysteria puts one on the same level as heretics during the time of the Spanish Inquisition. No debate possible. Just yesterday I tried to put up some question marks on how those temperature measurements come together (citing the replacement data issue) and without even trying to present evidence I was immediately vilified. Which gets me curious. Because if Climate science as presented by the Alarmists is really as irrefutable as they claim it is, why the violence?

The climate scientist depicted in the strip bears a striking resemblance to Mann, who developed the disputed “hockey stick” graph, which he claims proves global warming is imminently upon us.

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