Massachusetts’ 1,200 MW Offshore Wind Project ‘no longer viable’ (rough waters ahead?)

When this madness goes away for real, the planet will be saddled with triple-digit trillions in useless trash. We will have lost the money and we won’t have the services this money was supposed to buy us. It’s going to be the biggest economic disaster this planet has ever experienced. And even if we caught the real perpetrators and enacted just punishment for them, this won’t fix the planet. But as enormous as this calamity will be, we will bounce back. After WW2, Europe lay in rubble. People lived in ruins and tried to find food for naked survival. And yet, 20 years later it was humming again. We will survive as a species but not everyone will make it. I ask myself if a hillbilly or a city latte-sipping liberal has the better odds. 

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