Storing CO2 underground can curb carbon emissions, but is it safe?

This is the wrong way. We are ready to pay colossal sums of money in order to hide the CO2 under earth while at the same time we could ensure that CO2 gets used the way it is supposed to ne. We need more carbon in order to enrich our soils than we produce with fossil fuels today. We could use carbon in order to make hydrogen usable as a fuel. Our green friends need CO2 in order to survive – in fact we are not too far above the minimum requirement for plant growth in the atmosphere. CO2 is a resource, not a problem. When will we understand that?

At first glance, it almost sounds crazy. Can we really take carbon dioxide emissions from an industrial plant and store them underground? To find out, research is currently taking place to test if such an idea is not only viable but safe, and prove that to the public.

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