The Russian gas pipeline ‘salami slicing’ through NATO

Do we have an open market? Is gas market liberalization worth anything or just a buzzword to be buried when it’s inconvenient? I doubt figures on Russian gas very much, especially when they come from Gazprom. I highly doubt that Russian pipeline gas is the cheapest on Earth. This is Yamal, not Pennsylvania. Drilling holes there has a prize. But if Russia wants to subsidize its gas export sector for political clout, that’s their problem. We should be fine with that. Europe is dependent on Russian gas, that’s true but Russia needs the revenues from Europe far more and subsidizing gas from Yamal with legacy fields right now is not a smart move. Again, not our problem. I think that LNG is the better option for Europe but if Europe wants NS2, it should be free to make that choice.

What were once pastures for their reindeer are now a criss-cross of pipes and the paraphernalia of big energy.

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