Trump’s Right About California’s Fires: It Wasn’t Climate Change; Two New California Laws Prove It

In August 2002, the Lower Austrian region where my parents live was struck by some of the heaviest rainfalls in more than a decade. Many communities were severely affected but the small town of Zwettl saw an entire part of the town flushed away by a massively swollen river. Many families lost their homes this day. When the rains were over and the worst was dealt with, we looked into the reasons for this calamity. It came out that virtually all the houses destroyed were built in a zone that was designated “expansion flood area” for the river basin and was later rededicated building grounds because people wanted cheap land to build and the local mayor was greedy. Noting to do with climate change. There were floods since the town existed – for hundreds of years. But before, people did not build houses in the flooding areas. Now they did.

California’s politicians, bureaucrats, electric utilities and even celebrities have taken to using “climate change” as a multipurpose excuse for having done nothing to prevent deadly wildfires.

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