We Almost Lost the Earth

Scare tactics – because Trump says something fishy? Let’s get real folks. When it comes to scare tactics, the Climate Alarmist movement steals the show to anyone. Have you ever seen people gluing body parts to doors and roads because they think they are afraid of a natural process that has shaped Earth for billions of years? Or school kids clogging up cities every Friday and blowing their future as they will miss a whole year in their curriculum. Or intimidation tactics at public debates where as soon as someone says something that does not agree with the Alarmist position has two or more big guys staring down your neck. Alarmists are scaring a lot of people to the point where they put in trillions of subsidies into ineffective technologies that are capable to take our economies down a couple of notches. No folks – you are the ultimate fearmongers. We have a lot to learn if we want to ever match this.

In 1975, John G. Fuller published a book called “We Almost Lost Detroit.” The book, which critics derided for technical inaccuracies and a theatrical tone, chronicles how in 1966, a piece of shrapnel entering a nuclear reactor nearly caused a partial meltdown outside of Detroit, Michigan.

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