Why natural gas is the future fuel of choice for UPS

I remember when UPS started the journey towards LNG as a fuel. They started almost anything that looked promising, and they are still playing around with EV and hydrogen as we can see. I like that as they are exposed to the full plethora of choices for real and don’t make conclusions from a policy paper. And real-world results made them prefer LNG over all else for their operations. It’s a safe and technically mature fuel and if we put in life cycle emissions its cleaner than a Tesla. And the best is – you can do it now for a price that’s similar to diesel with great range, fast fueling and no change in driving habits. You still want to wait a bit more – don’t come wailing later.

There are a few options when it comes to transitioning to a more sustainable power source for vehicles: electricity, hydrogen fuel cells, liquefied natural gas, to name a few. In 2013, UPS began transitioning parts of its Class 8 heavy-duty trucks to renewable natural gas (RNG). Six years later, the company has made the largest purchase of RNG in U.S. history.

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