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Is LNG more expensive than pipeline gas?

This is my last post for this year as I go into Christmas recess. I will be back on January 9th, 2017 with tons of fresh analysis poured onto the fabric of global energy. It’s going to be a fantastic year. But now – how about bringing balance to the force as my last act […]

The Ethane conundrum

Some time ago, I have written about the LPG tidal wave that hits us mostly from the US and how it shakes the world in its foundations. LPG (Propane and Butane in whatever mixing proportion you happen to like it) are already a pretty exotic market when compared to crude and other refined produces. Most […]

Open letter to President-elect Donald J. Trump

Dear President-elect Donald J. Trump, This letter might be a little odd for you as I am not an American citizen – neither am I a resident of the United States. I live in Europe. However, the problems afflicting this planet are bigger than just one nation can hope to resolve. The United States of […]

The book of Elon

So, Elon has announced what he wants Tesla to do over the next years in his new strategic plan. Plus he has shown us that solar roofs can be really sexy. And Tesla’s planned takeover of Solar City shall give his new plans much-needed flesh. It’s all very grand, bombastic and ambitious – as we […]

The Qatar LNG backflip

Look wherever you want, you are swamped by stories on the LNG wave that’s about to hit Europe. After almost a decade of neglect, Europe becomes the powerhouse of global LNG trade again not because of its vanilla qualities but rather because the old world is the last place where LNG exporters with no captive […]

US shale to the Caribbean

In 2005, the Natural Gas world looked at North America to become the El Dorado for all LNG exporters. Natural gas prices in the US were sky high, reserves were dwindling and demand ever growing. It resulted in an LNG bonanza without equal with more than 60 LNG import terminal proposals lining the coasts of […]

Methane 3.0 – or should we say LMG

After wood, coal, oil and its derivatives, it’s methane gas that will rule the energy world. If you need reasons why this is so, you are a first time visitor to this blog. Piece of advice: clean your schedule for the rest of the day and get reading. For all the rest of you methane […]

Does Russia have the gas Europe needs

It’s one of the most commented topics of the last couple of years. Will Russia provide Europe with all the gas it needs – and whenever the discussion heats up, it veers off into the political realm? I won’t comment on the conflict in the Ukraine in this post and not even on Russia’s willingness […]

Is school – as we know it – torture?

The vast majority of those reading those lines have enjoyed some form of schooling – a time when elementary education was meted out in order to make those unruly, pesky, adorable sweet little beings we were at birth a commodity. Future employers want to know what they get from an average human and they want […]

When will US LNG Terminals switch off

Now that even the most bull-headed traders have understood that high price LNG and the sellers market have gone away, the game has changed. Prodigious additional amounts of LNG will hit the energy consumption world and the question of where it all shall go is burning on everyone’s mind. However, as strange as it seems, […]

We see the LNG supply – but where is the demand?

Those who have seen the first installment of the famous “Hellboy” series will remember the scene where professor Broom sees Kroenen coming down the stairs and asks the all important question “I see the puppet but where is the puppet player?”. Kroenen was merely a puppet with just the modicum of a free will. The […]

An Eastern Mediterranean LNG hub

More than 2000 years ago, before the dawn of the Roman Empire, you would have been forgiven to think that the island world of the Eastern Mediterranean was the center of the world. Some of the most illustrious empires either had their center of power there or were bordering its shores. Today the islands of […]

LNG production will become cheap – real cheap

Three and a half years ago I wrote about the Black Mamba. That’s a phenomenon under which a project has overspent in order to get itself built and suddenly that market does not provide the kind of returns needed to allow for the project to generate enough revenues for repaying investments made – with a […]

LNG in South Africa

The new situation we have with comparatively cheaper LNG is sharpening our senses for new opportunities. This happens out of pain experienced by the producers as well as out of opportunistic endeavor in potential consuming markets. Either way, we are all happy takers and won’t look at the teeth too much – won’t we? There […]

Did you say your job is safe from robots?

Years ago, I was in endless discussions about robots that will do any job humans do eventually and in those days, I still had a lot of convincing to do. That’s very different now, as we have the writing all over the wall and the question is rather when – not if. But what stupefies […]

The first German LNG terminal

Looking at the North Western European coastlines one can see a neat row of LNG terminals from the French Bretagne up to the Netherlands and after Denmark, it continues right into the Baltic Sea to Poland and now Lithuania. What pops out, even more, is the gaping hole made up by Germany. The biggest, and […]

Iran / India – an energy partnership?

Iran’s sanctions have been lifted a couple of months now and it just looks like, things are not going exactly as planned for the Iranians. My readers will remember that I predicted this outcome in mid-January this year. The reasons are many but the ONE, the big and significant reason can be summarized as “Nobody […]

South Africa’s LPG dilemma

About 2 years ago I was contacted in order to work on the South African energy dilemma and indeed, I immediately saw enormous potential for new, lucrative investments. The problem was pronounced and the need was clearly there. But things were by far not as easy and as obvious as one would have guessed. Let’s […]

Floating Regasification – a reality check

Many years ago, an old sea bear and meanwhile a good friend told me that whatever you do on land gets inevitably harder when you are on the water. Space is confined and processes that have been designed for still land are exposed to all kinds of movements. This simple deduction stuck with me and […]

How anarchy works for shale oil

It’s a bit obscene – for years we have watched the meteoric rise of shale oil and now, as prices have gone down dramatically the party seems to be over. Doom and gloom at big shalecorp? Not so fast. The wild story reminds me of the DotCom bubble around 2000. I was working for a […]

Forget Goldilocks – we won’t need terraforming

It’s a part of popular science today. One day the human race would leave planet earth and go to other places and in order to make them a little more palatable to our balmy needs, we would terraform those places. There are terraforming proposals for all terrestrial planets and the moon. There are proposals to […]

My lost 28 USD oil price wager

In June 2014, I made a wager with a friend (here is the full story) when the price of oil was slightly above 100 USD. Let’s restate the full wager again here for the sake of clarity. I said that before March 31st, 2016, WTI would have been below USD 28.- for a minimum of […]

Pakistan – the manacled LNG player

The last 12 months have seen 3 new LNG consumers added to the growing mix of converts to this cool energy form – Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. All have implemented quick FSRU solutions in order to get into the LNG game and all of them are pretty classic base-load markets with otherwise pretty predictable, and […]

Fukushima and why we cling on to ruins

It’s a bit late to write about Fukushima, don’t you agree? If this post would be about Fukushima it would indeed be a bit late. But the issue I am putting my teeth in here is much larger. Fukushima has become a symbol for deadly industries, for the nuclear holocaust, for the apparent fact that […]

Wanna get into LNG? A reality check.

Back in early 2012, I dashed down some thoughts I had with a client buddy onto my scratchboard. He was giving “getting himself into the LNG business” some serious thought. Here is what I told him back then: Quote: LNG is not like oil, it’s not like oil products. Not even like any commodity you […]

How to beat the chattering donkey

In September this year, it will be 4 years that I have set sail and left the safe harbor. It was a bumpy ride to be sure but besides my wife and my kids, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. When I say it was a bumpy ride, it might sound […]

Shale, not shallow – the ghosts of hardship

Who knows the tale of Heracles who – for a moment – carries the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. King Eurystheus had charged Heracles with 12 labors in order to atone for the slaughter of his family. The eleventh labor was fetching the Golden Apples of Hesperides and it was this labor that […]

The value of the anchor customer in LNG projects

When Nigeria LNG started operations in 1999, it had become the LNG project that has gone to FID with the longest lead time from “first conception” to realization ever. There was a first idea for the project as early as 1974 – at least, that’s the earliest I know. There is one project lagging even […]

The Energy Industrial Complex is dead

Who remembers what’s this on the picture above. That’s right, it’s a film roll from the biggest ever brand for foto equipment, Kodak Eastman. Once upon a time, photography was a perfect business. In order to have some memories of – whatever – you needed a big clunky camera that you had to buy expensively […]

World – meet Methanumorphosis

It’s almost 9 years ago that I was asked to perform an in-company introductory course on LNG for the employees of the company I worked for at the time. It was a short 3-hour affair and I threw in everything I could possibly scratch on the matter. In the end, I just got known as […]

How Virtual Reality gives us a life lift

I have already written in Oculus Rift and other systems and how they are going to impact on business travel or education. But one might believe that this technological revolution will take decades to take hold in the mainstream as it’s the fad of some geeks, business or technology wise. Really? Many years back, at […]

The end of diesel

This article was written in summer 2015, before the break of the VW scandal as it was published in NGV. I just forgot to publish it here so far but don’t want to alter the original article so – enjoy. Imagine the world without diesel. It has been the backbone of modern logistics for as […]

Drowning in LPG

Anyone checking regularly on the oil price must blush from time to time. One of the consequences of the lower oil price is that the world is currently drowning in other oil-related products as well and there is worse to come as some of those effects spill over onto the non-oil patch. Fast focus on […]

Fighting the wrong war

It’s a staple of the green movement. CO2 is bad for the planet. It causes global warming and will eventually make us fry in hell. Behold Venus. This has been conventional wisdom since I can think – at least since I know that environmental protection is a worthy goal that deserves our best efforts. It’s […]