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The Ethane conundrum

Some time ago, I have written about the LPG tidal wave that hits us mostly from the US and how it shakes the world in its foundations. LPG (Propane and Butane in whatever mixing proportion you happen to like it) are already a pretty exotic market when compared to crude and other refined produces. Most of the developed world has moved on to either natural gas or other forms of energy in order to get […]

There is a monster waiting for OPEC – and it’s not shale

So, OPEC has finally shown that they mean business and decided that they would reduce oil supply in order to prop up prices. I don’t want to belabor the futility of this gesture as I believe that no reduction any OPEC member would willingly abide by could change the fundamental oversupply situation oil finds itself in. The world is drowning in oil and in order to add insult to injury, oil demand is growing only […]

Open letter to President-elect Donald J. Trump

Dear President-elect Donald J. Trump, This letter might be a little odd for you as I am not an American citizen – neither am I a resident of the United States. I live in Europe. However, the problems afflicting this planet are bigger than just one nation can hope to resolve. The United States of America – though – have the size, the economic weight, and the requisite fundamental ingredients for a possible solution to […]

Distributed electricity Generation with LNG

This blog post was written a long time ago and it was sort of sitting on my computer all this time. And as I was asked how LNG actually works for a small flare to LNG to power project, I undug it, dusted it off and here we go. That’s one for the cool ones. LNG is often touted to be a rich man’s fuel because it is often seen as being expensive. The reason […]

How energy communism has gotten us into this mess

My year 1988 was dominated by my mandatory spell of military service in Austria. It was also some form of rupture in my life as my world would never be the same after it. I shook off the shackles of youth and ventured out into the world. Back then, I was sitting with some other co-conscripts and we discussed the fate of the world (as those brand-new adults often like to do) by politicizing about […]