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The book of Elon

So, Elon has announced what he wants Tesla to do over the next years in his new strategic plan. Plus he has shown us that solar roofs can be really sexy. And Tesla’s planned takeover of Solar City shall give his new plans much-needed flesh. It’s all very grand, bombastic and ambitious – as we know it from Elon. The grand question is if what Tesla has set out to do is realistic. The plan […]

The Qatar LNG backflip

Look wherever you want, you are swamped by stories on the LNG wave that’s about to hit Europe. After almost a decade of neglect, Europe becomes the powerhouse of global LNG trade again not because of its vanilla qualities but rather because the old world is the last place where LNG exporters with no captive buyer can go. I kicked that issue to death in other articles and we will no doubt come back to […]

Why some trading and smart contracts don’t make LNG hubs yet

Everyone who has touched upon trading – as the term is understood today – very quickly falls victim to the impression that this casino is the real economy. And that indices, charts, KPI’s and financial market performance is all that matters. It does not take long and the virtual world has you in its clutches. Losing touch with reality is just a logical next step which means that forgetting the basics of the basics is […]

Just imagine OPEC reduces supply and nobody cares

OK, we got it by now. In an unfathomable show of splendor, OPEC has congregated in Algiers in order to show the world that it still matters and that finally, after a zillion attempts and a lot of trepidation (that’s what it felt like at least) it will reduce the volume of crude it supplies into the market. Nobody knows the exact inner workings of this deal (not even OPEC I suppose) but the traders […]