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The first German LNG terminal

Looking at the North Western European coastlines one can see a neat row of LNG terminals from the French Bretagne up to the Netherlands and after Denmark, it continues right into the Baltic Sea to Poland and now Lithuania. What pops out, even more, is the gaping hole made up by Germany. The biggest, and […]

Iran / India – an energy partnership?

Iran’s sanctions have been lifted a couple of months now and it just looks like, things are not going exactly as planned for the Iranians. My readers will remember that I predicted this outcome in mid-January this year. The reasons are many but the ONE, the big and significant reason can be summarized as “Nobody […]

South Africa’s LPG dilemma

About 2 years ago I was contacted in order to work on the South African energy dilemma and indeed, I immediately saw enormous potential for new, lucrative investments. The problem was pronounced and the need was clearly there. But things were by far not as easy and as obvious as one would have guessed. Let’s […]

Floating Regasification – a reality check

Many years ago, an old sea bear and meanwhile a good friend told me that whatever you do on land gets inevitably harder when you are on the water. Space is confined and processes that have been designed for still land are exposed to all kinds of movements. This simple deduction stuck with me and […]

How anarchy works for shale oil

It’s a bit obscene – for years we have watched the meteoric rise of shale oil and now, as prices have gone down dramatically the party seems to be over. Doom and gloom at big shalecorp? Not so fast. The wild story reminds me of the DotCom bubble around 2000. I was working for a […]

My lost 28 USD oil price wager

In June 2014, I made a wager with a friend (here is the full story) when the price of oil was slightly above 100 USD. Let’s restate the full wager again here for the sake of clarity. I said that before March 31st, 2016, WTI would have been below USD 28.- for a minimum of […]

Pakistan – the manacled LNG player

The last 12 months have seen 3 new LNG consumers added to the growing mix of converts to this cool energy form – Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. All have implemented quick FSRU solutions in order to get into the LNG game and all of them are pretty classic base-load markets with otherwise pretty predictable, and […]

Fukushima and why we cling on to ruins

It’s a bit late to write about Fukushima, don’t you agree? If this post would be about Fukushima it would indeed be a bit late. But the issue I am putting my teeth in here is much larger. Fukushima has become a symbol for deadly industries, for the nuclear holocaust, for the apparent fact that […]

Wanna get into LNG? A reality check.

Back in early 2012, I dashed down some thoughts I had with a client buddy onto my scratchboard. He was giving “getting himself into the LNG business” some serious thought. Here is what I told him back then: Quote: LNG is not like oil, it’s not like oil products. Not even like any commodity you […]