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Shale, not shallow – the ghosts of hardship

Who knows the tale of Heracles who – for a moment – carries the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. King Eurystheus had charged Heracles with 12 labors in order to atone for the slaughter of his family. The eleventh labor was fetching the Golden Apples of Hesperides and it was this labor that […]

The value of the anchor customer in LNG projects

When Nigeria LNG started operations in 1999, it had become the LNG project that has gone to FID with the longest lead time from “first conception” to realization ever. There was a first idea for the project as early as 1974 – at least, that’s the earliest I know. There is one project lagging even […]

The Energy Industrial Complex is dead

Who remembers what’s this on the picture above. That’s right, it’s a film roll from the biggest ever brand for foto equipment, Kodak Eastman. Once upon a time, photography was a perfect business. In order to have some memories of – whatever – you needed a big clunky camera that you had to buy expensively […]

World – meet Methanumorphosis

It’s almost 9 years ago that I was asked to perform an in-company introductory course on LNG for the employees of the company I worked for at the time. It was a short 3-hour affair and I threw in everything I could possibly scratch on the matter. In the end, I just got known as […]

The end of diesel

This article was written in summer 2015, before the break of the VW scandal as it was published in NGV. I just forgot to publish it here so far but don’t want to alter the original article so – enjoy. Imagine the world without diesel. It has been the backbone of modern logistics for as […]

Drowning in LPG

Anyone checking regularly on the oil price must blush from time to time. One of the consequences of the lower oil price is that the world is currently drowning in other oil-related products as well and there is worse to come as some of those effects spill over onto the non-oil patch. Fast focus on […]

Fighting the wrong war

It’s a staple of the green movement. CO2 is bad for the planet. It causes global warming and will eventually make us fry in hell. Behold Venus. This has been conventional wisdom since I can think – at least since I know that environmental protection is a worthy goal that deserves our best efforts. It’s […]

The end of the oil price cycle

Since my very earliest days in the Natural Gas business I have been exposed to a couple of notions that had a hollow ring to them from day one. The oil price link drew my most immediate suspicion although it took years until I was able to express my scorn with this antiquated mechanism in […]

Are diesel emissions a human rights violation?

The European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) was born on September 3rd 1953. It took a rather long time from then until it became an integral part of various national laws but today citizens of most European countries are able to directly invoke it before national courts in order to protect their rights. Article 2 […]