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The tone here

LNG has a mystery reputation. This is undeserved. This blog is here to shed light on some of the issues. Many points are mere opinions. You are invited to discuss and disagree if you do so. To those new to it, LNG must be a bedeviled business. As soon as someone just feels confident enough […]

LNG from Africa

The combination of LNG and Africa has always been regarded with awe. The continent certainly is challenging in many respects. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. LNG is a topic that gives most energy professionals cold shivers. I cover the reasons for that in other articles. It gets really crazy when LNG is combined with the […]

LNG Supply

Willing LNG buyers in Europe look at a bleak supply picture. There are not too many opportunities. That does not mean that they all do what should be done in such a situation. It’s THE big issue out there for many players and frankly, it’s the one I have decided to hang my coat onto. […]

LNG – the Black Mamba principle

LNG projects are on the expensive side but some are more expensive than others. Some players act as if the sky is the limit. That’s not true. Let me borrow a quote from the movie Kill Bill. “In Africa, the saying goes, in the bush, an elephant can kill you, a leopard can kill you, […]

LNG – killer app for diesel

LNG is the fuel of this century. Its clean, its feedstock is abundant and its cleaner than any other hydrocarbon. Perfect conditions to dethrone king diesel. This is my first post so I want to keep it short and sweet. I want to make this a blog on LNG as I believe that LNG is […]