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For our children – and ourselves

Its more than 3 years now that I am fighting for some improved quality of life in Austria and Europe and it’s time to take a hard stance. In the end, VW has been caught with its hands in the Cookie jar so what better time could there be? Fine Particulate Matter (PM) is a […]

Use it or lose it for African flares

Africa – just like many other regions on earth – suffers from a double edged problem. On one side, enormous amounts of natural gas are being flared every single day and this gas comes as associated gas to the surface with the oil that is produced at the same time. And on the other side, […]

The great EURO 6 scam

Now it’s official. Since September 1st this year, all new diesel vehicles sold in the European Union must comply with the EURO 6 standard. EURO 6 is by any measure the most severe limitation of nasty pollutants that are allowed out of the exhaust shaft of a vehicle in and around the European Union and […]

My 28 Dollar WTI wager

In July 2014 I made a wager. I said that before March 2016 (don’t ask me why this date, it just sprung into existence out of nothingness) WTI would go below 28 USD. We have seen a huge slide in the oil price over the last 12 months so I refined my stance in February […]

Is your energy job safe?

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with a trader friend who has migrated into the consulting business. His journey was the result of a bit of involuntary arm twisting to be sure as this was not what he had planned for in his life, but the job market for traders is generally […]

Is shale a blessing in disguise for OPEC

How many times have I written about the implications of shale on oil? For an LNG guy I have a strange obsession with that but look at the fundamentals and the picture is clear. Oil is still the big bully out there and it dominates the entire energy world hands down. So, anything that happens […]

LPG in Africa – may the games commence

It is difficult not to be stunned by what happens in energy nowadays. Prices were stratospheric for many years and suddenly have dropped to less than half just to regain a little over the last weeks and months. Renegade drillers in the US have shaken decade old certainties and created the shale MasterBlaster. Nothing in […]

Don’t try to avoid the F-word in LNG

There is a German saying. He, who does a voyage, shall have stories to tell. This certainly applies to the LNG business and to any newcomer getting his first chills from it. It’s all exciting but after the first few missteps (oh trust me, there will be plenty) the F-word starts to creep into your […]

Why pigs should not sing

After nearly a decade in LNG I tend to believe that I should have seen everything under the sun – but that conviction turns to shreds just an instant after when I see the next hilarious piece of LNG news. When I started to get serious on the matter in 2005, I quickly realized that […]