China buys more LNG, but can’t offset the rest of Asia’s losses

This China madness is not good for LNG projects and companies. They are so fixated at a seemingly endless market that will pay almost anything for their LNG that they completely forget about actively developing the deeper market. LNG has a once in a lifetime chance to become the one working replacement of diesel in heavy transport. Electric 40ton trucks are a joke and hydrogen have problems (just look at the explosion of a hydrogen fueling station in Norway) ad the only way to clean up heavy transport reliably, economically and right now is LNG. But decision makers won’t see it that way if their gaze is not directed at it and this will require some real tough discussions and a lot of stamina. Things that the current LNG players don’t seem to have as they look longingly towards China and China will drop them like hot potatoes and go for coal again when their current account goes apeshit.

Notwithstanding the achievement in shipping the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo from the world’s largest vessel, Prelude owner Royal Dutch Shell probably wishes it was selling its product into better market conditions.

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