Green Billionaires Press Hollywood to Promote Armageddon Climate Messages in Movies

There is a popular belief that once pain reaches a certain level, the population will revolt and bring the monsters low. I beg to differ. Where is the respective pain level for North Koreans? Or for suffering Venezuelans? For a revolt, you need people with plenty of spare resources and a deep desire to get rid of a tyrant. They must not be hungry or have to go to work ant-like every day to make ends meet. Because those downtrodden masses are way too busy to survive. North Koreans worry about their next meal, not about freedom. Elites in Western countries think they can have the same effect with alarmism and horrific messages. That works on the surface but not on the deeper level. Westerners are coddled beasts. Most cannot cook themselves a half-digestible meal or swap a lightbulb. Go on, do your worst. See what you get.

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