Joe Biden’s Net-Zero Agenda Spells Trouble Down on the Farm and at the Supermarket

I am often asked how a big country like the US cannot come up with better than Trump or Biden. There are many explanations and some of them are so good that I learn something new. But right now, none of that really matters as in a country without a sense of direction there are only two kinds of politicians. The dangerous and the unpleasant. Trump is unpleasant. He says unpleasant things in unpleasant ways and sometimes is hard to listen to or watch when he rambles on but after all the bluster he sometimes comes down to do the right thing – popular or not. Biden is the dangerous kind as he gives in to those who will wreck the country without batting an eyelash. They will go down with the country but this is something they won’t understand no matter what you tell them. 

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