New Study: Climate Models Get Water Vapor Wildly Wrong – A ‘Major Gap In Our Understanding’

This has been known for thousands of years. Populations of dry regions know that nights are very chill and days scorching hot. The lower water vapor content of the air makes the air store less energy and hence the temperature blanket for the night does not work as well as in wet countries where the middle of the night is just as steamy as the middle of the day. We did not need scientists for that. On Mars, daytime temperature can reach about 20 degrees Celsius on the Equator and the following night it can drop as low as negative 70 degrees Celsius. A 90-degree Celsius differential. There is virtually no water vapor in the atmosphere. But CO2 is much higher than on Earth. More than 200 times higher than on Earth. Mars should be a boiling mess. But instead, it’s colder than Antarctica. Think about that. 

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