Trump Plan to Ship Natural Gas by Rail Stokes Fear of ‘Bomb Trains’

The worrywarts are riding again. LNG has a safety record that is unmatched by any other fuel. There have been more Teslas exploding with no apparent reason killing their occupants than LNG accidents. Cleveland was no LNG explosion – LNG cant explode. It was Methane gas that ignited in the sewers and it was the fire that killed so many people. At the time, safety rules were less than crap. Thats very different today. Your gasoline car is way more dangerous than LNG. If you are fine with gasoline, you should sleep very soundly with LNG being rolled through your neighborhood. Look at the record – not at the mutterings of some mad hatter worrywarts.

President Donald Trump wants to allow natural gas to be shipped in railroad cars, a move that would open new markets hungry for the fuel but could risk catastrophic accidents if one were to derail.

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